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Conscious Leadership Coaching for your personal and professional life

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What really is success for you and for your business?

What is beyond external expectations and market needs?

How do you be authentic and what is the impact of your actions and your organization on the world?


Wow! These questions are usually not easy and their solutions cannot be found hidden in some secret manual or in the possession of any business guru (really!). I believe the answers are within you and they can be explored and developed through self-awareness and when we allow ourselves to be who we really are. ;)


Our Coach and Client Partnership

My work as a coach is to support this process of expanding consciousness and providing tools to assist in the identification of what is truly important to you. In other words, it is a partnership between coach and client with the intent of maximizing your potential in achieving your personal and professional purpose.

Conscious Leadership Pillars

These are the three pillars of conscious leadership in life and work:


At some point, most of us have felt tired of a pattern, decided to break away to suddenly find ourselves at the extreme opposite, which we soon realized wasn’t good either. Balance starts with acceptance and show us a more subtle “middle way” where we may satisfy all areas of our lives.


Leadership goes well beyond just a boss having subordinates or someone’s current position or job description. True leadership lies in a state of not only “doing”, but actually “being”. Authentic leaders can be anywhere and lead from whom they are, inspiring others by creating new values.


Eastern traditions have long been telling us about the interconnection of everything and everyone. Nowadays, cutting-edge empirical research are consistently showing us consciousness affecting matter, all within the limits of the scientific method. Do you believe your thoughts can change your reality?

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I'm Gregor, half Portuguese, half Japanese, born and raised in Brazil. I've lived in New Zealand, US, Panama and I've been living in China since 2010. I've worked before in the corporate world for more than a decade. Now I'm an entrepreneur and co-creator of DareGusto, a brand of healthy food ingredients that inspires creativity and benefits all the people involved in the production chain.

I've been practicing martial arts for more than 15 years and I'm currently based in Shanghai with my wife and our rescued dog. I'm also a Reiki practitioner and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Gregor Matsuda Tavares

Conscious Leadership Coach

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